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“A special prosecutor spent months calling witnesses and presenting evidence that Perry broke the law when he promised publicly to nix $7.5 million over two years for the public integrity unit run by the office of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg, a Democrat, was convicted of drunken driving, but refused Perry's calls to resign.”
Though the Republican governor now faces two felony indictments, politics dominates the case. Lehmberg is based in Austin, which is heavily Democratic, in contrast to most of the rest of fiercely conservative Texas. The grand jury was comprised of Austin-area residents.

Remind you of anything?
The Democrats had to go to 3 Grand Juries to indict Delay; think they had to go to that many to indict Gov Perry? As the old saying goes, you can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich. Getting a conviction is another story. Travis County has a history of indicting Republican politicians: Senators Kay Hutchison and Tom DeLay and now Governor Perry. They've only gotten one conviction (delay) and that was thrown out by a Texas court.

And then there's THIS

(Speaking of Grand Juries)
In both cases, the Democrats were/are in fact debauching a national election process.  DeLay because he was the House "GUTS," and Perry because he has presidential aspirations, and has gone head to head with Obama and Holder.

Kiss Gen Simmons Girls

Although not identified (or I missed it), the Huffpo host is Hollywood leftist Ricky Camilleri.  There is little question that he would have been one of the Hollywood 7 (8?), given the chance.   I've had this same converastion, alas, with, erm, people sporting comparative twattage.  As have you.  They are the  Right Man's burden. 

Martha Raye- USA

                                          Res Ipsa Loquitur       

[..] 'Maggie' had been visiting her SF 'heroes' out 'west'. We took off, short of fuel, and headed to the USAF hospital pad at Pleiku. As we all started unloading our sad pax's, a  USAF Captain said to Martha.... "Ms Raye, with all these dead and wounded to process, there would not be time for your show!"

To all of our surprise, she pulled on her right collar and said ...... "Captain, see this eagle?  I am a full 'Bird' in the US Army Reserve, and on this is a 'Caduceus' which means I am a Nurse, with a surgical specialty.... now, take me to your wounded!"
He said, "Yes ma'am.... follow me." [... Full]

Metz'ger Hat Dance

Someone needs a good spanking

Mexico protests Texas National Guard troops on US border 

General Pershing! Answer Your Damn Phone Dammit!

Hillary Exposed Again? So What.


German security recorded Hillary

Just another bump to be ignored

Wages of Liberalism- Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron

2081 Universal Absurdity by crydixxx

A short film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, 2081 depicts a dystopian Obamunist future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance of the United States Handicapper General, everyone is "finally equal...." The strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the intelligent wear earpieces that fire off loud noises to keep them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. It is a poetic tale of triumph and tragedy about a broken family, a brutal government, and an act of defiance that changes everything. Featuring an original score performed by the world-renowned Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream) and narration by Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven, Goodnight and Good Luck), 2081 stars James Cosmo (Braveheart, Trainspotting), Julie Hagerty (Airplane!, What About Bob?) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network).

Rob Reiner is Back

Heeeeeeeee's BACK!
South Park Episode 713

Reiner took such a regular beating from South Park a few years back, that he pretty much vanished  from the scene.  I don't even know if South Park is still aired?  At any rate, Meathead seems to feel it's safe to come out of his hole.

I marked this quote while reading Henry Buskin's book "Johnny Carson."  Sums up, I think, the Alinsky device so dear to Democrats.  There is however a  caveat.  In order for it to work, it must be broadly relayed by the media, without demur or condemnation.  That, friends, is a one-way street.  Oui?