Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama Apologizes to Castro

Is the asshole still in charge?

Are the assholes still in charge?


Death Panels

There are no barn doors


Progressive Christmas Carols

Progressive Christmas Carols


Yo we's be Tired o' dis here sheeit you know das right!

Liberal Racialists                                

Since we’ve entered the Obama era, we’ve learned that the same America that elected a black President twice is supposedly a seething caldron of secret racism. Don’t like Obama? You must be racist. Don’t like Democrats? SO racist! So you’re opposed to Obamacare? Obviously racist. Sick of the IRS? Racist, racist, RACIST! Are you Republican? A Tea Partier? Just a plain old, white guy? You’re a super racisty racist!!! We’re now even regularly hearing speculation that people are unknowingly racist, subconsciously racist or just racist by virtue of the fact that they somehow benefit from “white privilege.”

"Yo ah think niggas forget dat we's’ve lived in da whitey crib fo' six years ... 'bfoe dat, Barack Obama wuz uh black nigga dat lived on da Souf Side o' Chicago, who had his share o' troubles catching cabs what 'chew trippin foo' "

Mrs. Obama continued 

"Yo ah tell dis here story – ah mean, even as da first beotch – during dat wonderfully publicized trip ah took ta Target, not highly disguised, da only nigga who came up ta me in da swapmeet wuz uh beotch who asked me ta he`p her take somethin` off uh shelf. cuz she didn’t see me as da first beotch, she seen me as someone who could he`p her. Those kinds o' things happen in life. So it isn’t anythin` new Jus' like Orenthawl James."
(Translation for homeboys)
Here's an alternative idea: 99% of the cries of racism today are made for political reasons, by people who habitually cry racism every time they have a problem or alternatively, just by hyper sensitive, coddled mediocrities who are desperate to blame anyone but themselves for their own failures.

Just as an example, nobody wants to hear the poor, put upon first lady of the United States complaining that she was discriminated against because someone asked for her help getting something off the shelf at Target.(Inset) Similarly, someone asked her husband to go get some coffee because he wearing a tuxedo and they mistook him for a waiter? Boo freaking hoo. A lot of people get mistaken for store employees at some point in their life. I’ve been mistaken for a Wal-Mart employee – and despite the fact that I wasn’t wearing a blue smock with, “How may I help you on it,” it never occurred to me to blame it on racism. “That’s because you’re white!” No, it’s because I’m not an asshat who chalks up every minor inconvenience in my life to race. FULL ARTICLE