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““Physicist Frank Tipler provoked ridicule when he suggested that Christian theology was right after all. For “the known laws of physics to be mutually consistent that intelligent life take over all matter in the universe and eventually force its collapse. During that collapse, the computational capacity of the universe diverges to infinity and environments emulated with that computational capacity last for an infinite duration as the universe attains a solitary-point cosmological singularity. This singularity is Tipler’s Omega Point. With computational resources diverging to infinity, Tipler states that a society far in the future would be able to resurrect the dead by emulating all alternative universes of our universe from its start at the Big Bang.”” [Belmont Club]

May the Farce Be in You

Chris Bowes asks
"Do you know what this is?"

Well, yeah.  But where are the Dizneeee lawyers? 

Deep Dark Fears

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Elizabeth Warren's Mob


How to Handle Occupiers

This was Elizabeth Warren’s quote when Occupy was starting:
“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.”

Not a man shot dead in his riotous career during the terrible week in this city was any more one of "the people" than the soldier who righteously shot him or the policeman who justly broke his head. If such scenes as those of the riot week are the acts of "the people," then the most savage hatred of popular institutions ever expressed is the most humane and sensible view of them.
If our Government is one of "the people," and the mob that ruled part of the city of New York for part of a week is indeed "the people," then any man who does not prefer the reign of one Nero to that of a thousand Neroes is insane.  HARPER'S WEEKLY. August 1, 1863
The Occupy movement and other leftist groups are attempting to use the anti-cop furor for a “die-in” and “shutdown” protest targeting Fox News and the New York Post.

The demonstration is scheduled for Jan. 2 at New Corporation’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, with invitations posted at Occupy-affiliated Facebook pages.

The invitation reads:
“As many already know The NY POST is a newspaper that is owned and controlled by the Right Winger Rupert Murdoch, who in essence is a corporate racist that continually supports and disseminates racist, classist, sexist and all forms of pro 1% misinformation through his NY POST newspaper as well as FOX television.”

“This Die-In Shutdown and Boycott is but the first part of a larger upcoming campaign for justice … to expose the racist lies and bias of mass media starting with but NOT limited to the NY POST!”

A “die-in” is a protest in which demonstrators, usually holding placards, lie on the ground and pretend to be dead. In this case, the demonstration is meant to protest the deaths of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown, both of whom were killed by police officers.

Occupy was one of the main sponsors of the protests this week aimed at shutting down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue shopping district ahead of Christmas.

As WND reported, missing from most news coverage is that the anti-police protests rocking New York are being openly coordinated and led by professional leftist agitators, not only Occupy Wall Street but also a communist-aligned, anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian extremist organization.

A WND review of major news coverage of the protests finds headlines such as these:

USA Today: “NYC protesters defy mayor’s call for moratorium.”

Bloomberg: “Protesters Defy NYC Mayor’s Call to Hold Off While Slain Cops Are Mourned.”

Reuters: “NY protesters reject plea for hiatus despite police slayings.”

New York Daily News: “Protests resume in New York to oppose police brutality despite Bill de Blasio’s plea to suspend demonstrations.”

The coverage largely leaves the impression the demonstrations are spontaneous reactions to recent actions by law enforcement officials that some contend were motivated by racism. However, the protests, aimed at shutting down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue shopping district ahead of Christmas, are being organized openly by radical leftist groups whose intent may not simply be the protest of alleged racism.

Some of the news articles entirely fail to mention the protests were organized by the Act Now To End War & Stop Racism Coalition, or ANSWER, together with Occupy Wall Street and at least 10 other so-called economic justice and pro-Palestinian groups.

Scores of article note the protests were coordinated by ANSWER but fail to give any context, such as ANSWER’s radical background and history, or mention of the other groups supporting the protest movement.

USA Today, for example, simply reports:

“The action, organized by the Act Now to End War & Stop Racism Coalition, came hours before the city’s landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, One World Trade Center, were to dim their lights at 9 p.m. for five minutes to honor officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.”

No further details about ANSWER are provided.

Reuters similarly reported:

“Answer Coalition, organizers of a march on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, said a ‘peaceful protest against police violence’ would continue as planned.”

Founded in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, ANSWER is an umbrella group famous for its protests against Israel and against America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group is known to be one of the most extreme among the progressive community in its positions on Israel and on U.S. military action. Its steering committee is made up of progressive groups, socialists and advocates from the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Filipino, Haitian and Latin American communities.

During the height of the second Palestinian Intifada, or terrorism war targeting Israel, ANSWER in April 2002 organized a demonstration in Washington, D.C., that the group claims was the biggest pro-Palestinian rally in U.S. history.

In August, ANSWER led another Washington, D.C., rally against what the group described as “the Israeli massacre against people in Gaza.” At the time, Israel was at war with the Hamas terrorist organization, which fired thousands of rockets from territory under its control in Gaza into Israeli cities.

ANSWER has expressed support for the Palestinian intifada. Discover The Networks notes the group released a statement expressing its “solidarity with the call issued [to hold]… activities timed to coincide with the third anniversary of the second Palestinian Intifada.”

ANSWER has supported so-called resistance against U.S. troops in Iraq. A May 2003 downloadable flyer on “Counter-revolution and Resistance in Iraq” states: “Having achieved their victory [the U.S. in Iraq], however, the occupiers now confront a people who have a long and proud history of resistance. The anti-war movement here and around the world must give its unconditional support to the Iraqi anti-colonial resistance.”

Some of ANSWER’s leaders are associated with the Stalinist Workers World Party.

Meanwhile, almost entirely unreported by the news media is that Occupy is a co-sponsor of the anti-police protests targeting Fifth Avenue and may be hijacking the demonstrations for its own goals.

On its website, Occupy Wall Street wrote: “Fifth Avenue is the world’s most expensive shopping street – a playground for the global 1%. **This 1% is precisely who the police serve and protect. They flood black, Latino and other oppressed communities like an occupying army so as to intimidate us into accepting things the way they are.”

On its Facebook page, Occupy Wall Street ranted about the protest: “The people will not be intimidated. We will not accept poverty wages, racist courts and a corrupt political system.”

Other sponsors of the Fifth Avenue protests include:

Crystal House
El Grito De Sunset Park
Existence is Resistance
New Yorkers Against Bratton
NYC Solidarity with Palestine


DURING the raging of the riot there was a constant attempt upon the part of certain newspapers to represent the rioters as "the people." The heading of one of the earliest bulletins of the proceedings of the riot which was burning and sacking the property of private citizens and buildings of public charity, was "Procession of the People!" The firing upon the furious crowd who were hunting and hanging inoffensive persons of an unfortunate race, was deliberately called "Attack upon the People by the Provost Guard!" The military were reported elsewhere to be "firing on the people." The riot was called a "popular uprising"—"a movement of the people." Who, then, are the people? In this country what class of citizens is to be especially described as "the people?"

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