Friday, January 23, 2015



bocopro said...

Reminiscent of Senator Joni Ernst, combat vet, hog castrator who issued thinly veiled accusations about pork and nutless wonders in gubmint.

Hurts more when Mom says it about you, don't it.

Stu Tarlowe said...

It was a softball; low-hanging fruit; a joke that pretty much wrote itself. Still, it needed to be said, and Sarah (who has, figuratively speaking, big brass ones) was the perfect one to say it.

But Hey, what does it say about us when Iran almost has the bomb, Islam is brutally seeking world domination, and Obama is re-making us as Zimbabwe (or worse!), that Americans are getting "all wee-wee'd up" over how many psi's of air are in a football?

Anonymous said...

Some of the most-commented stories here are about college football, and this audience is above-average engaged.
The next story down is as important as it gets, and it got one comment.
I despise football, but it seems my fellow man does not.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when the guy running the show can't even spell "eunuch"?

Football represents the "circus" part of "bread and circuses" that keep us from paying too much attention to the real goings-on.

I used to watch "GE College Bowl" and have always wished we could fill stadia with intellectual competitions of that sort; Fat Chance!

Caballero Andante

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