Thursday, January 08, 2015

Is someone a racist?


bocopro said...

Well, I'm white . . . and I don't even LIKE Nascar.

So ya doesn't hasta call me racist.

Helly said...

Extremely useful.

You know, some people think analytical theories have to be complicated. But model of Democrat behavior is more accurately predictive than say ... your typical climate model that needs 40 hours of supercomputer runtime.

Revernd Idaho Spud said...

Bocopro: Hey I'm white too and never thought about admitting I had no use for Nascar. It's just about the same as watching golf or water drip. Admitting it must be like coming out of the closet for the twinkie set?

Kim du Toit said...

My favorite response to the "Check your privilege" challenge is: "I just did. It's great."

bocopro said...

Idaho Spud:

I grew up 17 miles from the Brickyard at Indy. Never did get into cars drivin around in circles. Always figgered, if you're gonna race, everybody line up in the desert in Needles or someplace and take off when you hear the cannon.

First one to Savannah in one piece wins.

Anonymous said...

"Check your privilege."

I call my dick 'Privilege.' My balls are called 'White' and 'Male.'

The judge told me I can't check my Privilege in public any more, the closed minded bastard.


Anonymous said...

Too bad; if you were black you could "check" it every coupla minutes. Or even keep your hand on it more-or-less permanently.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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