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with Rachel Maddow

... is worth 1000 words


That MSNBC routinely, almost compulsively, mischaracterizes what conservatives say is nothing new. It's what makes the network so adorable. But in a recent trend, anchor Rachel Maddow has been upping the ante, altering quotes we just heard her play on tape.

On Monday night, for example, Rachel ran a news clip from President Reagan's 1983 Martin Luther King Day signing ceremony:

"Chris Wallace, NBC Reporter (by miraculous coincidence, currently a Fox News anchor): 'There was an air of celebration in the Rose Garden and an underlying tension. White House officials wrestled for days how to usher in a holiday the president opposed. They finally decided to embrace it. ... Maybe that's what today was about, that blacks have the power to make politicians do things.'"

End tape, cut to Rachel, taking notes, muttering with disgust: "The blacks now have the power ..."

Except Wallace didn't say "the blacks." Refer to the tape. By adding the simple article "the," Rachel turned Chris Wallace from a garden-variety 1980s news reporter into Archie Bunker. It takes a special kind of zealotry to play a tape of someone and then immediately lie about what viewers just heard him say.

Rachel's rewrite of Wallace (again, a Fox News host) was astonishingly similar to her misquote of Republican Senate candidate -- now senator -- Joni Ernst just before the November elections. Maddow inserted the word "the" into Ernst's statement, entirely changing her meaning.  [coulter continued]

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Stu Tarlowe said...

Is it any different than how they "edited" the transcript of George Zimmerman's 9-1-1 call, to make it appear that he said, "He's acting suspiciously; he looks Black", when in reality "He looks Black" was in reaction to the operator asking "Is he Black or white?"

Jess said...

I long for the day, when a journalist uprising finds the likes of Maddow running from mobs of angry reporters, with buckets of roofing tar and bags of feathers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the warm, fresh cow poo, Jess, and plenty of it.

Sir H the Comet

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