Thursday, January 22, 2015

Next, The New York Times, and CBS

The most defined and most spectacular incident regarding the film industry politics, however, involved Hollywood’s New-Deal-era infiltration by the Communist Party USA, a subsequent House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) probe, and the  industry-wide blacklist of unrepentant Stalinists that followed.

Conveying that story to modern readers is Human Events Editor-at Large Allan H. Ryskind’s Hollywood Traitors: Blacklisted Screenwriters – Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler (Regnery History, $29.99), a powerful indictment of such Communist Party loyalists as the "Hollywood Ten," individuals that popular history (and such films as Woody Allen's "The Front," Jim Carrey's "The Majestic," and the documentary "Trumbo") now paint as heroes.


Of 1943’s "Mission to Moscow," Ryskind notes, “No more pro-Soviet film has ever been produced or promoted by a major Hollywood studio—or possibly even by a Soviet studio.”

Ryskind, son of former Hollywood screenwriter Morrie Ryskind, might be on to something.

The film features not only a defense of the indefensible Moscow Show Trials of the late 1930s, but also such deathless dialog as this from FDR’s Soviet Ambassador Joseph E. Davies (portrayed by Walter Huston): "I am amazed at the boldness and imagination behind such a vast industrial development. I can think of no other period in history where so much has been done in so short a time."

To Stalin, Davies/Huston even gushes, "I’ve been deeply impressed by what I’ve seen, your
industrial plants, the development of your natural resources, and the work being done to improve living conditions everywhere in your country. I believe history will record you as a great builder for the benefit of mankind."

The going was truly good for Hollywood's Communist Party screenwriters. [FULL]

The early days (90's) of Free Republic, Amazon, and C-SPAN Books made it easy, for the first time, to learn about these books, and purchase them with a keystroke.  Books I otherwise would have never heard about.  My first serious look into  Hollywood's role in advancing communism in the U.S.  came in 1998 when I read America's Thirty Years War: Who Is Winning? by Balint Vazsonyi.  Opened a Pandora's box, bang bang, bang!
Looking back today at Balint Vazsonyi's question about who's winning, I must answer; THEM. Which is why I despise what Hollywood have done to our culture. Gives me an idea for another book though.  I'll call it, "Quit crying like little girls and jump, or instead of a vat of acid it'll be heads first down a Mississippi prison shit hole. 

Sean Penn and  Nick Nolte go first.  For their dad's complicity, and their whining.


Anonymous said...

A couple of book additions:

"Blacklisted by History" - M. Stanton Evans

"American Betrayal" - Diana West


leonardrjones said...

I find it ironic that the left has been successful
in demonizing McCarthy. The state department was
crawling with communist spies. Those who yearn for
the time when the Democrat party was a loyal opposition
filled with moderates are falling for a myth!

When informed that a senior state department official
was a KGB spy (Ickes or Hiss,) FDR promoted him! When
Churchill made his Iron Curtain speech, Truman
offered to send a U.S. battleship to bring Stalin to
America to offer a rebuttal.

Ann Coulter in her book Treason said that Senator
Joe McCarthy got the same treatment if he
did the same thing in the 21st century. All of
the academics, the Hollywood left, the liberal
establishment and the media attacked him like
a pack of rabid Dobermans.

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