Thursday, January 22, 2015

Progressive Twattage



I found this example of arrogant condescending Progressive twatism among a collection of 85 Iconic Photos Of The 21st Century So Far

Pope Francis embraces very ugly man scarrred by a genetic disease.  This was one of many progressive acts that the new leader of the church ...

Implicit is that the reporter sees human acts of love and humility as the bailiwick of .... well, people who vote for Obamas.


Anonymous said...

Ya nailed it, Rodger. Right-Wingers are all cold, heartless, full of hate and totally devoid of compassion!

Oh, and if my bubbe had wheels, she'd be a fuckin' Conestoga!

Phil N. LeBlanc

DougT said...

Presumably, the man has not upset followers of "The Prophet," otherwise the Pope would have punched him in the nose.

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