Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dressin' Up 4 Wal-Mart

Oh My


Rip Tide said...

Major face palm.....

pdwalker said...

Yeah, because The People of Walmart sure to take the time to dress up right.

Kim du Toit said...

Yeah, you don't have to wear your dress slip-slops like you do at WalMart.

Murphy(AZ) said...


Miss ya, Buddy!

Helly said...

Lower Third Street: Immense potential as an allegorical device.

But I can see somebody has to sort out the ambient retail issues. First there is Sport Shopping, which is all about fun. Then there is shopping, which is all the other activity needed to get the stuff we need and want.

Nobody needs or wants anything in dollar stores. They are simply an alternative form of recreation, like bowling or hiking, except cheaper. You want to be comfortable and casual, so if a box falls on your head, it looks like nothing happened.

WalMart/Target/Winn-Dixie is a whole nuther animal. You have to pretty up, and be ready to flash your food stamps, because you never know when Mr. Right will come along.

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