Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lindsey Lohan WHAT?

  1. The conservative GOP core don't want another Bush
  2. They want an actual conservative, and right now that's Scott Walker.
  3. The GOP czar's favorite, Jeb Bush, has 14 Zillion dollars at his disposal. 
  4. Jeb really only needs $200 since the GOP rig the process and get what they want.   
  5. Somehow Sen. Lindsay Graham, aka John McCain Lite, sees an opening here?
Bottom line.  There must be good deal of pocket money available from anyone who wants to stay in Lindsey Lohan Graham's good graces and need a reason.   What else?


Chris in NC said...

He has no chance. Won't make it out of Iowa. I think this is one of the years that even if the GOP elite want a candidate, they're going to get stuck. Remember, they didn't want Reagan. They hated him. Didn't matter. People were so fed up that they took the keys away from the GOP country clubbes and put up Reagan. I think that will happen with Walker this year.

As they say on those horrific NFL commercials: No more Bush or Graham style candidates and saying it's ok. No more.

Ralph Gizzip said...

The only opening Lindsey Graham sees is his own sphincter.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Lohan is not liked in South Carolina. He was sanctioned by the Charleston Republican Committee prior to the election, because they didn't consider him conservative enough.

I firmly believe there was some Mississippi debauchery in the S.C. primary with Miss Lohan. He/She had SIX opponents in the Repuclican primary {GOP inspired ?}. Naturally it split the vote. Once he got past the primary he was golden running against a demoCrap.

Lohan will have zero influence on the outcome of the Republican field in the '16 race. The field itself will be a much bigger factor that Miss Lohan will ever be, by the number of candidates.

Oh and I'll be the nominee before she will.


Anonymous said...

. . . Oh, one more thing!

If Gowdy decided to challenge queen Lohan he would've won hands down over all of them.


Murphy(AZ) said...

NO MORE Bush's! No more Clinton's! No more Kennedy's! At this point, if your name is Washington, Lincoln or Roosevelt, we don't need you any more than we need another Nixon or Carter! NO MORE DYNASTY'S!

President Smith or President Jones REALLY sounds pretty good. President "nobody knows me or my past history" is starting to sound pretty good.

"NO MORE DYNASTY'S" is beginning to sound pretty good! No Kennedy's, no Johnston's, no Wilsons or Grants!

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