Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mr Peabody

Mr. Peabody & Sherman  

I was actually stunned when MoSup admitted to not knowing about Mr. Peabody.  When I explained that it was a side show on Rocky and Bullwinkle, she drew another blank and blamed her ignorance on not having a television as a kid until she was 8; (1986?).  Streaming on Netflix, this is great fun for all ages.


K-nine said...

Anyone know what's going on over at Sondra K's?
I get a screen that says the domain name expired...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

No. This was the last feed



JMcD said...

SondraKisP *at*

E-MAIL Claire:
Claire *at* e-biscuit *dot* com visit e-Claire !!!

e-mail The Ugly American: tua_sondrak*AT*

e-mail DougM: dougmkisp*at*

leelu said...

I'll ping Doug.

Meanwhile, the new movie about Sherman & Peabody is pretty good.

I started watching Rocky & Bullwinkle when I was ten, and have watched them on and off since then (1960-ish). Ward did another series, (name I don't remember) that took and entire week of episodes to come up with one of the worst (and memorable) puns ever.

Pure genius!

Leonard Jones said...

A classic when I was kid, but I doubt they will
be able to capture the essence of the original!

Anonymous said...

Just like Bugs Bunny, there was stuff going on at several levels in those cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching that as a kid, and my dad laughing more than I did... enjoyed Fractured Fairy Tales too!

DougM said...

Sondra was out of town this weekend.
Don't know what the problem is, but she's aware of it and has commanded her minions to fix it.
(What? Nah, prob'ly forgot to pay the bill.)

poletax said...

Graduate from Wossamotta U.

DougM said... is way-back up.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Curses! Foiled again. My evil plan to appropriate Kisp and keep 2/3 of the Salvador Dali Award money thwarted by the dynamic quatro!

(I'm delighted of course. Can you tell I just watched "Batman Begins?")

Rip Tide said...

Thank God for all the snow here in Colorado this weekend. It's finally halted the wretched, menacing advance of the Pottsylvania Creeper that's been invading my back yard for the last six months.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Sherman and Peabody movie, and turned it off after about ten minutes.

Is it worth going back to? Does it get better?


leelu said...

ID - yeah, at least I thought so. YMMV.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

release your inner child

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