Sunday, February 22, 2015

Those are my choices?

Have you stopped beating your wife?

Rather bizarre polls via Rant Political, wot? Re: the "worst president" poll,  I'll guess that the author's editor inserted a picture of the obvious answer out of shame.  And if we're honest, the "greatest president poll"  choices are easily usable for both.  By the by, the Pearl Harbor facts slide show are "little known" only if you learned U.S. history by reading Howard Zinn.


Ralph Gizzip said...

Funny, but I'd put Woodrow Wilson as 3rd worst President behind Mr. Peanut and Oblamebush.

Anonymous said...

1.Soetoro /Jarret

Now that was easy...

village idiot said...

most communist presidents:
1. lincoln
2. fdr
3. wilson
4. lbj
5. obama

drew458 said...

"village idiot" is apt. How can Lincoln be communist, decades before communism was invented? Because he suspended some few things during a domestic war?

I bet I know, if not where this is going, then certainly where it's coming from.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"village idiot"(no offense) Drew,

JMcD said...

Das Kapital, Kritik der politischen ├ľkonomie, by Karl Marx, was published in 1867, however, in Europe during the Early Modern period, various groups supporting communist ideas had already appeared. Tommaso Campanella in his The City of the Sun propagated the concept of a society where the products of society should be shared equally (1601).[2] Within a few centuries, during the English Civil War, various groups on the side of the Roundheads propagated the redistribution of wealth on an egalitarian basis, namely the Levellers and the Diggers.[3] In the eighteenth century the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau in his hugely influential The Social Contract (1762), outlined the basis for a political order based on popular sovereignty rather than the rule of monarchs.[4] His views proved influential during the French Revolution of 1789, in which various anti-monarchists, particularly the Jacobins, supported the idea of redistributing wealth equally among the people, including Jean-Paul Marat and Gracchus Babeuf. The latter was involved in the Conspiracy of the Equals of 1796 intending to establish a revolutionary regime based on communal ownership, egalitarianism and the redistribution of property.[5] The plot was however detected and he and several others involved were arrested and executed. Despite this setback the example of the French Revolutionary regime and Babeuf's doomed insurrection was an inspiration for radical French thinkers such as Compte Henri de Saint Simon, Louis Blanc, Charles Fourier and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who declared that Property is theft!”.
( Taken from Wikipedia)

Communism was an old idea by the time of Abraham Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Communism was also a very popular idea. By 1855 the New York Socialist club was a who's who of Yankee society. Karl Marx was a very popular columnist for the New York Post, his article was reprinted in several other rags and he had a great following. It was probably his best if not only paying job. Socialism was the movement of the day. Among the educated elite. Sound familiar?

In 1848 there was a widespread revolution in Europe, mostly among the former Austro Hungarian Empire. The people leading the revolution were real live Marxists, by this I mean they were drinking buddies with the man. They were heads of colleges, newspaper men and politicians. They were forced to flee, and came en mass to the US where they found a complete political vacuum. These people quickly found a place for themselves in industry and political life. They also found a defunct party and filled it with their ranks, the Republican party.

No, Lincoln was not really a communist, but his power base was. After all he dedicated his life to the one great principle of communism; consolidation of power. They made fine bedfellows. Reconstruction, of our nations political structure was entirely at the hands real live socialists. Just look at who brought you the pledge of allegiance for example.

For a real good read on this huge dark secret read "Red Republicans and Lincolns Marxists" -Anymouse

drew458 said...

I've got to quibble with that one Anymouse - the Republican party wasn't even formed then, much less a defunct party with a hollow core. Pretty sure GOP started in 1854.

Anonymous said...

I was not saying the party was formed in 48, it was formed later by the people that fled the 48 revolution. 54 sounds about right, the point is it was filled with Germanic politico's. These are also the folks that installed the Prussian school system into the US for the good of our upcoming industrial revolution.-Anymouse

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