Tuesday, March 03, 2015

And when she says, "Spread 'em soldier," Oh My.


Anonymous said...

I feel like Pvt Winger. You know, Stripes?

Anonymous said...

Why is her static picture flipped?

Her "California Republic" patch is reversed.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Yannow, I'm looking a that with fresh eyes, and ... well she is 21, but .. you know. I feel guilty.

DougM said...

It's prob'ly a mirror kind'a thing.
An iPod control switch goes with the left earbud, too.

HMS Defiant said...

speaking as an officer, don't you just want her to be in your command? Think of how wonderful she will be with her professional skills that offset all her other wonderful skills.

I can already hear the ...

R. Kelly Coker said...

HMS Defiant, let me finish that for you,

... court martial.


DougM said...

^ With a cute face like that,
reckon it won't be 'er first rodeo.
I suspect she's well able to handle the realities of the game.
Prob'ly has a squad of big brothers willing to deal with or deter any miscreants, too.
(What? Lesbian? Nooooooo!)

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