Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gun Grabbers; Liars All



Anonymous said...

Good Stuff. I'm so happy right now, I bought a 1976 Remington 742 30-06 that could not have had many rounds or hunts through it. Not a scratch on the beautiful thing. I also have a new electric smoker. You see where I'm headed here right? I love the "Nature Coast". -Anymouse

Chris in NC said...

Asians are the hottest women on the planet. :)

Anonymous said...

Eric Gun Runner Holder, got his training with Ruby Ridge and Waco. Hmmm. Why is that racist bastid not in Prison?

He and his Kenyan Butt Buddy wipe their azzes on the Constitution and Bill of Rights daily.

Squeak said...

Cris, as a Asian woman I will take that with a grain of salt LOL.

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