Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2 Screen messages

mail call

I think I win Kim


drew458 said...

So it's not just me? Oh goody, what a relief.

Shockwave add-on is about the only thing that ever goes wrong on my Win 7 Pro PC. I thought it was because my Ad-Block settings were not quite right.

Kim du Toit said...

Still using Windows Vista on my main laptop [cue laughter]. I have Windows 7 on my small portable, and hate it (which is why I seldom if ever use it for anything other than backup storage).

If I could, I'd nuke all of them and re-install XP, but alas, Microsoft are idiots. (They're not alone; try to find a car with a stick shift these days... oy.)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kim on this one. Last summer, I bought an HP with Windows 8.1 and hate it.Too goddam many ads, for one thing. I want my Windows XP back.


Anonymous said...

The real trick is finding Windows 8.1 with a stick shift.


pdwalker said...

Windows 7 is a worthy XP replacement (said the man still running XP).

Windows 8 blows hard..

Hopefully, Microsoft will have regained some of its sense when they bring out Windows 10.

or you could use a mac.

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