Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sniper's Tale Aside

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Subject: Re: "The Ferguson Sniper's Tale" by Stu Tarlowe
(Mrs. Brown comments on "The Ferguson Sniper's Tale")

Oh, this is great!  Congrats on having it published! 

Which reminds me of a true story:   

When I was an intern at the DA's in NY during law school, I saw a rape trial.

This black guy was on trial.  He had a good lawyer, too (purchased with drug $ no doubt).  The accuser stated that the guy had raped her in a public park, in a sandbox, under a street light; and that several 'friends' came by during the rape, 'greeted them', and witnessed same (!?).

The defense was that this was a 'sex-for-drugs' case so the victim had consented; and that in any case the defendant had left his victim twice during the rape, once to urinate, then to defecate...

In closing arguments, the defense attorney argued that the victim accused the perp of '3-5' separate acts of rape, stating: 'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:  We're all adults here.  The defendant is in his early 30's, and his accuser herself admits that the two of them were doing cocaine and drinking alcohol for at least 12 hours prior to the supposed 'rape'.  What man could perform sexually to that extent in such circumstances?'.

Whereupon the defendant rose in a fury and yelled-at his own attorney-'Ah'm a MAN, you know?  Ah can go ALL NIGHT!!  Ah can do 3-5; that ain't nothin' fo me!'.

He was convicted.

The stu and skoonj show


Stu Tarlowe said...
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Stu Tarlowe said...

Lest there be any question, the "Mrs. Brown" who shared this courtroom tale is in no way related nor connected to that celebrated son of Ferguson, MO, the late "gentle giant" Michael Brown.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

But does she still have a "lovely daughter?"

Stu Tarlowe said...

'Good one, Raja! If only we could return to those "thrilling days of yesteryear", when the only "invasion" going on was the "British invasion" of groups like The Beatles, Dave Clark Five and Herman's Hermits!

Anonymous said...

...Or better yet, those thrilling days when we could go 3-5 times a night.


P.S. I still marvel at stopping to defecate.

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