Monday, March 23, 2015

John Gary

To, uh, lure her, etc.

I just now heard that John Gary song Does anyone here remember him?  Music, along with odors, are a real nostalgia trigger.  Out of the Army, my pal Gary HindersGary Hinders and I picked up where we left off, but at a more mature level.  That means  we would double date with girls that were interchangeable. We were cool.  One night we'd go to D.C. (to the Hay Loft) to see Phil Flowers, and the next night to the Timonium Drive-in
with the same girls, but swapped (the first post Army movie we saw at TD was "Hard Day's Night.")   Nobody did that. The girls were somewhat flummoxed, but went along.  Because we were cool. 

Another thing we did was introduce our various girlfriends to Frank Sinatra (Nice and Easy) make-out music, in lieu of what their other dates used to enmood them, like the Rolling Stones.  Fools.  It was Gary, I think, who discovered John Gary the singer, described as having the broadest range of any singer alive. I mean, who else knew stuff like that?  John Gary, along with We Five and Sinatra were staples.  When I heard John Gary this morning, for the first time since I stopped playing my vinyl albums, I was transported back to that time. Now I have to get myself back.  It's hard.


Anonymous said...

The past is a wonderful place to visit, just don't try and live there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories Rodg - I remember how he knocked Tonight Show audiences dead. My parents were big fans, my father talking about his gorgeous voice in tones of awe. When Gary covered a Sinatra ballad, he made Sinatra sound like a tin eared teen singing in the shower by comparison.
Timonium Drive In, Hay Loft? Wow - we're channeling each other!
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

Great version. I also love the Ray Price version. Great love song of a father going to war, sung to his son.

Thomas M. said...

Back about 1984 or so, I was working for Air Force Sergeants Association and was known to frequent an establishment on Connecticut Avenue on the same block as the Uptown Theater. The Far Inn featured pretty good live bands that were almost exclusively local, so I was surprised and elated to see Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts listed as a coming attraction and quickly made reservations.

I had heard of them, and even purchased their original album, under the counter of course, from a record store in Falls Church. Sadly, the album managed to disappear during my college years.

In any event, I mentioned their coming appearance to a coworker, a large African American gentleman named Ben Lindsay. Ben was a retired Master Sergeant and as fine a man as I’ve ever met. When I asked if he’d ever heard of them he got a very amused look on his face, closed the door to my office and told me his story.

Not only had he heard of them, he’d grown up with them, and in fact had been the bass player for a few years. He went on to tell me that John Clark, Doug’s brother and the drummer, was the true genius behind the band’s storied Second Set. Doug was just the front man.

Naturally, I added to the reservation. The band was getting ready to play when Ben and his fiancé arrived and it was old home week. Needless to say, the band was quite shocked to see Ben at this venue, but was still delighted, and my date and I were fortunate enough to spend the non-performing parts of the evening with them. It was as entertaining an evening as I’ve ever had.

The first and third sets were some of the finest rhythm and blues I’ve ever heard. This was a great band. The second set was the famous, raunchy set and was absolutely hilarious. They began the set, amidst great anticipation from the audience, and warned them about the obscene nature of their performance and ended their advisory that if folks didn’t appreciate this particular kind of humor, f*ck you. It more than lived up to its reputation.

I had taken a lady friend who I knew would appreciate their brand of humor. In the middle of the set, Doug Clark singled her out, and asked if she knew the difference between a Big Mac and a blowjob. When she didn’t he asked her to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Thomas M - great story!!
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Doug Clark was a regular at UM Fraternity parties. As a freshman pledge, I distinguished myself one night with "See that blonde over there in back? Ain't the same color that's on her crack" Or some-such.

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