Friday, March 13, 2015

Penis News

This is insane.  I'm sure they could have found a donor penis that was at least big enough to see without a microscope if they cared.  Pricks.


Anonymous said...

They've been doing Addadiktamee's for years to all these lebanese who think they were born a man.

JMcD said...

"Docs Perform First Successful Penis Transplant"

It's the second time.
I thought everyone was aware of WHY Obama is known as "Dickhead"

Skoonj said...

John Wayne Bobbitt had his reattached in 1994.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hillary got Bill's.

Tom Smith said...

If you have a Gold Plan you get a choice of color.

Anonymous said...

I had a baby elephants trunk transplanted ! It looks really impressive , but it keeps shoving peanuts up my arse ! ; ) > SMIBSID

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