Friday, April 10, 2015

"Gonna rinse that ... right outta my hair"

Clorox's misunderstood tweet sparks racial outrage

So does everything.  I no longer care. Nobody does, really, 'cept some Liberal twats


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when your identity is the perpetually offended.

pdwalker said...

fuck 'em.


let them be offended as much as they like. the proper response is "too fucking bad"

drew458 said...

Totes agree. What a crock. So sick of the uppity ups who live to be offended.

DougM said...

I like Coach Harbaugh's response.

Stu Tarlowe said...

I think the Race Card has now officially Jumped the Shark.

Anonymous said...

emojis?!? ryl???
Oh, get a job Capt. Crankypants.



Anonymous said...

Rule 3.

There are three rules in life:
Rule 1. Run the biggest bluff you can.
Rule 2. Cover your ass in case the bluff doesn't work.
Rule 3. You can't make a negro happy.

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