Friday, April 10, 2015

Antepenultimate penultimates


Amused me.

Last week I wrote "I just watched the penultimate episode of Justified, dammit."  So yesterday I sat down to watch the final episode.  Of course it was not the final episode; that will be next week.  So there's that, but while I'm at itI thought that antepenultimate episode sucked.  Maybe because, like when you thought your girlfriend was going to break up with you so you started finding fault with everything she did as a defense mechanism ... that.  Except in real life doing that will always become a self fulfilling prophecy. Nothing, however,  can save Justified. Dammit.

Aside: In that same post I discussed BLACKLIST.  Tuesday we finished series 1.  How much did we like it?  Enough to pay Amason $38 for series 2.  We've only done that once before (the last White Collar series). 

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