Friday, April 10, 2015

Harry's "Band"

Thug Culture

Why Isn’t Harry Reid Suing ...

Just my guess folks, but from the get-go it looked like a case of Harry being paid gobs of cash to pass legislation for some interest group (Indian Casinos?) and didn't deliver before losing his Senate Majority chair. When approached by the pissed off client(s), he could notor would notrefund the cash. Needed persuading.


USMC2841 said...

Chief Tumbling Dice doesn't like it when you cut into profits.

Chris in NC said...

Agreed. That man doesn't work out or anything. His story is bs.

pdwalker said...

yes, but the democRats are used to having their lies accepted no matter how blatantly false they are.

at this point, what difference does it make?

Anonymous said...


His "exercise band" "broke / slipped" off the "shower door / hook in the wall / toilet flush handle" [?!?].


HoHouse Harry - Bagman once and for always.

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