Friday, April 03, 2015

Lenten Promise Make-up

It's Good Friday and I'm faced with my failure to live up to a single Lenten promise.  That is nothing to make fun of, and I'm not. As partial retribution I will today, and maybe even forever, abstain from saying anything hateful about anyone. That said, one cannot ignore reality unless one is under massive doses of Thorazine, so I will only present for discussion items chosen willy-nilly, and not pass judgment one way or another. Oh, here's one now.

Sen. Mike Lee rips Supreme Court justices,

 Congress for 'subversion' of Constitution

"Separate from the White House, John Roberts now leads a Supreme Court that very clearly can be persuaded by PR campaigns and is now constantly targeted to do what is right in terms of public relations and not necessarily the law or constitution. Erick Erikson"


Anonymous said...

Mike Lee left out Mullah Obama in his castigation of congress and the Supremes. We all know, and Mike Lee does, too, that Obama has a pen and a phone and isn't afraid to use them with complete disregard for The Constitution of the U.S. And Congress is too goddamn gutless to impeach the sonuvabitch.

I-RIGHT-I said...

The movers and shakers who are all on the same team like this guy. No Constitution for you! There's no point even talking about this any longer.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you are correct IRI.

What time is the game on? Honey, get me a beer!


drew458 said...

I have just finished reading a pre-release copy of Sen. Lee's new book, Our Lost Constitution. It's a great little book, but rather a sad one, as it shows how corrupt government has pretty much destroyed what America is supposed to be. From FDR co-opting the Supremes to kill the Commerce Clause and the 10th Amendment, to Justice Black, to the horror that was the Miller decision in 1939, right on up to the complete shredding of the Constitution under Obama, aka FDR Jr, co-opting the court again with both Obamacare and the NSA's warrantless spying on Americans.

Push back if you can. Write those letters. About all you'll do is get on a watch list IMO. Very sad.

Still, it's a great book, and Lee has my full support.

Wabano said...


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