Saturday, May 02, 2015

Black Terror

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest
Assailants described as 'swarm of bees' shouting racial epithets

The thing is, these Black anarchists are now become, like Muslim militants, so terrifying to even their own community that even  even-keeled Black Americans (the majority), will be intimidated into joining them.  That's what I see. What I don't see is any happy ending.  For anyone, save Obamunsts that is.


FishStyx said...

Strangely enough...
This sort of crap doesn't happen in Phoenix.
Don't know if its the inordinately high outside temperatures keeping the troublesome indoors, a better police/community relationship, or a more even-keeled population in general...

...of course it could be the fact that concealed carry is not regulated here and the troublemakers take heed of that fact.

...odd that.

Anonymous said...

They'll use any excuse they can, trying to justify their actions. The Scott case in North Charleston was handled expertly by Mayor Sumney and Chief of Police Driggers.

Almost immediately after the cell phone video was brought to their attention the Officer was arrested and charged.

Despite all the efforts of the media, who tried to gin things up, they couldn't. The media were reporting "huge" crowds picketing N.C. City Hall. Only the huge crowds never seemed to materialize or exceed a hundred people. The largest crowd who gathered was for the Funeral.

The perpetual grievance crowd {Sharpy, JacksAss and the likes} either never showed up or came in late. The biggest one present was Shabaaz who camped out for a while then moved onto Baltimore.

"Thugs", have a common genetic gene, no matter where you find them. The I'm entitled gene.


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