Saturday, May 02, 2015

Our Fleet Enema

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

Should we ever decide to give Iran a Fleet Enema ...

Commodore Major Cuzzin Ricky


Anonymous said...

We could take out their entire fleet with our P-3 Orions!


(Retired Orion crewman)

Kim du Toit said...

Looks a little light... let's add another half-dozen carriers and double the number of missile cruisers, just to be on the safe side.

And FFS bring back the Missouri and New Jersey. Nothing says "Surrender" better than a few 15-inch shells arriving in your bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the USS Pueblo is still in the fleet..... although it is sitting in a harbor in N. Korea

Cuzzin Ricky

rickn8or said...

Ships and planes and guns and missiles are one thing; the national will to use them is quite another.

Anonymous said...

What Rick & Kim both said...We have the means (Wouldn't mind more) But the 100 our so Oligarchs (That need to be tried hung)in Washington won't allow it...

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile In Yemen...700 Americans abandoned by Zero & Lerch...

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

There are some major problem with that chart (and our navy):

The Tico class cruisers are '80s era and nearing the end of their useful life.

The OH Perry Class frigates are almost fully retired. They have very limited anti-air / anti-missile capability since the standard missile system was removed.

The littoral ship program is a disaster and should be cancelled. The USN is phasing out the frigate without a (relatively) low cost ship to replace it. Frigates were used as pickets and escort ships.

Our carriers, while very capable, are big, expensive, and take a very long time to build. My fear is they will end up like the super-battleship Yamato during much of the WWII: The ship is so big, so expensive, so irreplaceable, the powers that be refused to put it into harms way (until after the war was lost). The USN got around this issue by developing the JEEP carrier which was built quickly and in large numbers. Quantity had a quality all its own. If we lose two carriers in some future confrontation in the Pacific, our offensive capability is basically gone.

We retired all our nuclear powered cruisers. Carriers can sail at high speed indefinitely. Unfortunately, the escorts that protect the carrier cannot.

Our Ohio class boomers are getting long in the tooth. We don't have a replacement on deck yet.

Our ship building program over-all is a mess. Ships have been launched with serious quality control issues.

Anonymous said...

Just think - It won't be long before the feds start building an aircraft carrier named the "Barack Obama".

rickn8or said...

Anonymous, I'd hate to be Ships Company on THAT boat!

And Tim, think of that poor Flight Engineer, having to referee fights over "I'M senior! I get to push the button!"

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