Monday, June 29, 2015

The whole event is confusing ...

and ilk

... is worth 1000 words

CNN confuses black and white flag covered in sex toy symbols for that of ISIS during London Gay Pride parade

  • CNN aired 'exclusive' report claiming ISIS flag was displayed in gay march
  • But the satirical flag was actually adorned with symbols of sex toys
  • Referring to the symbols, the reporter said it was 'very bad mimicry' of ISIS
  • She went on to claim she was the only person to notice the jihadi flag

Beauty.  You'd think that Democrat media would be the last people not to recognize a dildo, wot?

Hat Tip to Stu and Skoonj


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, everybody missed the fact that a gay person/group has - for the 1st time - has mocked a religion that isn't Christian.

Progress! orsomething

Anonymous said...

Yea, I think perhaps the banner carrier had maybe witnessed some of his gay 'brothers" being thrown off rooftops in Syria. That would inspire anyone to make an in-yer-face flag that even fooled CNN.

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