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            Thursday, July 02, 2015


 s--t hits  fan

Thirty-one years ago this month we bought a Lennox furnace and air conditioner.  In that time the A/C was serviced once (freon), and the furnace once (blower motor).

 Thirty-one years.

 Bound to happen, then. The A/C water pan rusted out and water was leaking all over.  At the same time, and while our water heater was showing no sign of malfunction (they don't), MoSup was afraid that after 20+  years it would, and wanted it replaced.  All at once. 

Of course we went with Lennox again, and wouldn't you know, the Vivint Solar people picked that day to install the solar panel electric.  We had 5 Scardina and 2 Vivint trucks outside, and god knows how many worker men in the basement, bumping into one another.  Took 13 hours, but all we need now is the county solar 'lectic inspection sign-off, and then a BGE meter installed, and our electric is free. So to speak.  On top of that, we are assured that the new HVAC system will cut our electricity bill in half, and it's good thing since this stuff has all doubled in price (water heater tripled) since last installed. 

What I like is the Lennox wi-fi thermostat control panel.  It allows me to
you name it;  like watch daily power consumption, and the ability to set all the heat/cool parameters on the computer instead of hunching over a control screen trying to get fat fingers hitting the right numbers.  And best of all- we will never have to buy another system.  Oh, wait.  Oh my.  First time I actually thought in those terms.  Yay! We win.

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            Air in-Money out Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 7/02/2015 04:23:00 PM | PERMALINK Back Link (8) | Send This Post | HOME


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Webcam please. I would love to see you watching daily power consumption.

Pro Tip: We never use central heat down here, but during those dreadful Polar Vortexes, I can get the bedroom up to 75º by wringing heat out of the air with a little dehumidifier.

Aloha. Just back from my northern vacation down the Ogeechee.
Are you sure they weren't from Langley?
Sorry about the HVAC but thanks for the update. Been wondering about the solar panel project.
oh my! That is an awesome outcome for a 31 yr. story. Congrat's on the longevity, but having any workers in our home for, let's say 4 hrs, is all I can take. 13 hours and I would need a transfusion (barrel of wine) because I would be on my exhaustion bed. I would have to go out to a party, leave sleeping bags for all the workers and come back -the next day- to pay them.
How did the two of you all handle that?

Water-heater tanks are not immortal.
Ask me how I know.
(What? Well, the lower floor needed new carpets anyway.)
Allows the government to see all this and set it for you if they so dictate...
I know - ours went during a dinner party. I bought a new one for $289 from Hechingers and installed it myself. This one was $1100 +. Both 40 gal.
My neighbor's house is a little over 20-some years old, with all original appliances, water well pump and pressure tank.

Last year, their water heater, water pump, pressure tank, washer and dryer and cook-top all went tango-uniform, and all within a couple of months.

I've been holding my breath ever since.

Sir H the Comet
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