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            Friday, July 24, 2015

  Poll: 22% of the GOP agree McCain is a douche
only 22%  ???  ....                      

The festering carbuncle that is today's GOP festers on, only more.

[...] In other words, as many Republicans think McCain is a douche as are supporting Jeb Bush + Ben Carson. In fact, more Republicans think McCain is a douche than actually support Trump. Half may disagree but half either agree or don’t care enough to have an opinion.

Before we go any further… I am not a Trump supporter. But I do agree with Erick, that if he is the nominee I will support him and do so more enthusiastically than I did either McCain or Romney.

This result should scare the bejeezus out of a lot of people… some of my colleagues among them. It should really be a wake-up call to GOP donors and apparatchiks who are trying to use mean-girl tactics learned in the middle school bathroom to hurt Trump:

“ Many national Republican officials are increasingly resigned to Mr. Trump’s looming presence. At a meeting of the Republican Governors Association this week in Aspen, Colo., donors and operatives mused about how to prevent him from hijacking the debate.

One idea that came up was to urge three leading candidates — Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor; Mr. Walker; and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 91% of Florida — to band together and state that they would not participate in any debate in which Mr. Trump was present, using his refusal to rule out a third-party bid as a pretext for taking such a hard line. The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations, was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of candidates.

The more of these little games the GOP Establishment plays the more adamant and entrenched Trump’s support will become. It these people want to get rid of him, they need to start ignoring him or start talking about the issues he’s talking about that are drawing crowds. And if they don’t want him to run as a third party candidate they had better lay off these shenanigans and try to win the primary on their own merits. You don’t even need to be a Trump supporter to be in favor of that.

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            Mommy, I smell stink .. Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 7/24/2015 07:49:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (8) | Send This Post | HOME


Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
Mr Walker? That's GOVERNOR Walker! The lack of respect is indicative of that group. They really don't get it. They lose time and again with moderates and then lecture the base with some lame logic about 'It's us or the Dems.'
McCain, graduated at near last in his class at Annapolis, Poor pilot, poor Officer, Voted with the Enemy far too often as a Senator, let the VA keep mismanaging the VA Hospital in Phoenix, sat on Ted Kennedys lap too often in the Senate and now a non career Politician (Trump) calls him what he quite frankly is and is Not. It's about Damn Time!
Marshal of France Philippe Pétain was a war hero during WWI, one of the best generals of that war.
At the end of WWII, the French put him on trial and condemned him to death for his subsequent political activities. Just sayin'...
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick
The establishment GOP would do well to treat Trump with a hell of a lot more respect tahn they have so far. If Trump is denigrated too much longer by the GOP RINOs, he will run as a third party candidate, thereby pulling a lot of votes from both parties, but especially the Republicans, ensuring Hillary and BJ Bill infesting the White House for another four years, possibly eight more years. Does the country really want or need such a disaster? I think not.

Senator Dean Heller(Neb.) submitted an amendment in the D.O.D. Authorization Bill six weeks ago. It would give base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms for self protection. McCain, as the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, wouldn't support it. He didn't want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn't accept it. Recent tragic events have now exposed him as the weak-kneed DC that he really is. Haven't heard any response from the douche canoe lately about his failure to serve and protect our country. Hero ? I think not !
Dean Heller is from Nevada. He's a RINO, though sometimes he does something right. I don't like this bill of his either. It shouldn't depend on a unit commander authorizing his troops, at least concerning CCW. It should depend on the laws of the state concerning CCW. It should also permit on and off duty service members, uniformed and non-uniformed reservists and guardsmen, and retired personnel to carry concealed.
Skoonj, That permit should be a Federal Permit, honored in every State, County and City the way it works for Federal Agents so it includes both in Uniform and and Civilian Clothes carry. As it applies to DEA, FBI, Secret Service and every other Agency that the Pretender in Chief has armed as his Seekrit Squirrel Private Army and bought billions of rounds of ammunition for.

Just sayin...
The federal permit doesn't apply to everyone. For instance, I frequently go to Nellis AFB here in Las Vegas. I am a retired AF officer. Under current regulations, though I have a CCW valid in Nevada, I cannot carry a pistol on base. Actually, I'm not allowed to have one in my car either. They searched my car years ago, but my car then had an unusual compartment arrangement where I left it that day. They searched the car (random search) but didn't find it.

Legal CCW holders should be permitted to carry, if they are guard, reserve, and retired. Active duty on and off duty should be allowed to carry, and that's where your federal permit might come in.
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