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            Saturday, August 01, 2015


Well this is a sumbitch.  After reinstalling
Win 8 (in a pique I deleted  it a month ago-without a reliable backup because that's how pissed off I was). I used to do that all the time, and it was a piece of cake. No more. 

Just a month ago I finished the June Mahjong Challenge (3 puzzles a day) with 100% for the third month in a row, although I did have a real problem with one, and took me at least a dozen tries. I really knew something was amiss when I started the June challenge beginning Jube 17th. Right off the bat I had problems with even some "Easy" ones.  July ended with three unfinished ga,es. Now, this is all about memory. You have to remember what tiles you missed, amd where they were. I can't do that in any depth now.  WTFF? 

Mosup says it's sugar.

Starting the New Year, I had a case of flu that lasted the better part of a month.  My daily 10,000 Fitbit steps a day plummeted to 6000.  Then I had what I thought was a torn knee cartilege.  No.  I have arthritiis in both knees.  Sawbones wants to do kneecaps;  No way, not while I can still walk and two Aleve's twice a day keeps them servicable, but  my steps went down to under 5000. 

The poison ivy that turned into contact dermatitis was the killer. I spend the better part of the day watching movies and snacking.   I'm putting on weight which puts me in dangerwarms MoSupof getting Type 2 -- what the hell, I can't think of it (this is in real time)  ...  !Type 2 Diabetes, or worse.  My brain isn't snapping right.

Diabetes is the worse disease you can have because it attacks every part of your body. That prospect scared the hell out of me enopught that I got my harmonica and began building my lung capacity back up(3 pack a day smoker before I quit 12 years ago).  Harmonica playing is only thing that works.  I'm learning Dixie.  It's already paying dividends
rode my bike yesterday.

Today I turned another corner.  After watching Mountain Men for 6 straight hours I was really pumped! Turned  the AC  up to 75° (from 72
°), the better to swaet. Went out to the garage, found my axe, and sharpened it!  Hoo-Rah!   I shot a mouse in the garage too.  I'm back!  Now, where that Eskimo woman I'm supposed to fuck?  Wait ... is that right?


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Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
where that Eskimo woman
Psst...grizzly bear.. Eskimo Joe don't go for that shit.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick
Gittin old aint for sissys!
Ack chew ally, I find my failing memory kinda rewarding in a way . . . .

Today at 75 I can watch a movie that I absolutely KNOW I saw just 10 years ago as if for the first time. Recently I've sat and watched early episodes of NCIS and BONES in rerun, knowing full well that I've seen 'em before, but the sexual tension, the snarky dialogue, the character interactions, and especially les denouements are as fresh and entertaining as if I were seeing 'em fresh outta the can.

Ditto for many of the old black & white classics on AMC and TCM. Fortunately, though, I haven't yet forgotten the name of the woman with whom I've shared domicile for over 50 years. Gimme a minnit and I'll come up with it.

W10 is coming out now, but on blogs I've seen a lot of advice not to get it. Many reasons. I have W8.1, and don't like it much.

I also have a disk for W7Pro. Some people on the blogs think W7 is a good way to go, so I'm considering using that. It was never on my current computer, which had W8.1 installed when I got it.

My question is whether I can simply install W7P on my machine, or whether I will lose programs and files when I do it. This fear goes back a few years when, I was told, that's what happens when you put in an OS.

Anyone who has done it know if losing programs and files is a legitimate concern?
Get ClassicShell from here. It fixes many of the annoyances of W8.

Do not go to http://www.classicshell.org. Something different.

"Diabetes is the worse disease you can have because it attacks every part of your body."

WRONG!! If you had to choose an incurable disease, diabetes would surely be the smart choice. It's manageable and, properly managed, you will more likely die WITH it than die FROM it.
I have diabetes type 2, and it isn't a big deal.
When it comes to exercise, my rule-of-thumb is guided by one of my heroes:

"I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises."

Neil Armstrong

Skoonj: the only way to install Win 7 over Win 8 is to do a 'clean' install - which means everything gets wiped out. Plus, if your machine came w/ Win 8 on it, there are probably a dearth of drivers for it under Win 7.

Back up your files. Do you have the installations media (disks) for your programs?

Trick I would try - use a partitioning tool to make an empty 20 gig partition on the hard drive, then install win 7, boot up and see in it works or you can get it to work. This will not affect your Win 8 setup.
Leelu, I was afraid of that. I have Mozy, but to transfer files back and then find all the crap on disks and online that I have here, that's more a career than I want. I may wait a while, then install W10, which I understand doesn't need the clean install.
I've done an install of Windows 10. It has some bugs but I find it a whole lot better than 8.1.
The box I have 7 on won't support 10, but the new laptop w/ 8.1 does. I ran the install yesterday, and so far, it seems to behave.

Watch out for the two screens that a) are defaulted to "on", that b) mean "let Microsoft watch your every move". Old, paranoid me turned them all "off".

If you have 8, get all of the outstanding updates. You will see a little windows logo on the right side of the task bar. Click it, and it will run the upgrade.
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