Thursday, August 20, 2015

art is everywhere                                                   


I'm in a place where I do stuff that makes me feel good, and watching  FantomWorks is one I recently discovered.  Like Wheeler Dealers, FantomWorks do  restorations for the well heeled enthusiast.  That 1960 Lincoln Continental is a case in point. It was a one off boat that featured  power wing and rear windows.  Since there are like zero parts available, the FW crew had to manufacture what was needed for the restoration.

 Nobody beats Wheeler Dealer's Edd China, IMO, but the FantomWorks guys film enough detail to satisfy me.   Here's a link where you can peruse cars they're restored. 
Note: FantomWorks begins each show with  "There are three things we care about here, Cars, Country, and Cars." Owner Dan Short  retired honorably in 2005 as a Major in the Green Berets.  His shop is in Norfolk, VA.

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