Tuesday, August 18, 2015


What I See

In the shadows


DougM said...

Isn't it illegal to bait a trap for birds of prey?

Anonymous said...

From Ron in Ohio


Very timely pic for us. Sunday we returned from a 600 mile round-trip across Northern Indiana and into Southern Michigan. On our travels we passed something of an anomaly for us.

For over 19 miles (We gauged it on the return) along US-30 from 3 miles into Eastern Indiana to 16 miles into Western Ohio, we saw our first "Obama Farm". There were thousands of those damnable wind-generators destroying the once-beautiful farmland scenery. Some appeared to stretch more than a mile north of the highway.

We saw first-hand the reason that our electricity bills have gone from an average Summer bill of about $75 to almost $200 (We have an all-electric home) with our Winter bills exceeding $600 a few times already. If it weren't for the extremely wooded setting of our home we would seriously consider your VIVENT solution.

And we didn't see even one Unicorn blowing farts to power those big fans - I think we've been lied to!

gadfly said...

Ron is correct. Van Wert County, OH sold out to the almighty federal giveaway. But that is the way it is today with our socialistic farmers - rich and getting richer on government agricultural programs. So when asked if they would like to make 10 grand in rent for each massive wind generator, greed won out and taxpayers and electric rate payers lost big time. True Obama redistribution of wealth.

Anonymous said...

Oil-rich fracking paradise Texas has the most windmills.
It's a funny picture in Corpus. Oil refineries line the waterway, piles of coal waiting for shipment...and windmills to the horizon.
Kingsville NAS will soon have to close, because a judge ruled that Mexican-made windmills take precendence over training flights.
It's an odd world that Obama is making.

Helly said...

Burying the lede again, Rodge.

Why do livestock find refuge in the shade of a propeller blade?

Brian E. said...

Quite the allegory ya' got there, Roger:

"Sheep - hiding, and finding comfort in the shadows of Big Government programs..."

col. whiskey said...

What the Clinton's see... Hillary, possible prison, Bill, possible freedom.
oy vey ole'

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