Friday, August 21, 2015

Leonore Goldschmidt

Hitler's Mustache                           

Steven Spielberg famously documented Oskar Schindler's defiance of Nazi Socialism (Schindler's List), and there have been others, like Leopold Socha's story (In Darkness).  I recently watched anotherSmithsonian's documentary ("Goldschmidt’s Children – The Teacher Who Defied Hitler”) about German school teacher Leonore Goldschmidt.  Riveting stuff.

 Surviving students recount how they were sent home from class for praying in class, or wearing tee-shirts emblazoned with the American flag ... waitsorry; that's another story.  Anyway, after the Nazis decreed that all Jewish teachers be fired, Leonore pretty much "loopholes"  the Nazi bureaucracy and starts a school for Jews. She then cunningly stays one step ahead as the Nazi noose tightens.  You can watch all 42 minutes here (

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Anonymous said...

It certainly puts stuff in perspective. Especially when libs start bitching about the horrible condition of (fill in the blank) here in America!

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