Monday, September 14, 2015

Boned Cello?

Boned Cello?


drew458 said...

Darkly kinky. I would have liked it better if the bowing left marks instead of bloody cuts. I never thought waxed horsehair was all that sharp to begin with.

DougM said...

Don't fret.
Bowed, but not defeated.
Skin cello playin' skin flute.
He's playin' sharp, but she's prob'ly a little flat.
She can be played in Stradivarius positions.
No, I'm not serious, Amatis.
Is that Yo Yo's Ma?
(okay, I'm done)

Kim du Toit said...

Is it wrong that I find that pic a little erotic?

george said...

You can tune a fish...

Anonymous said...

Literally built like a bow fiddle.


Anonymous said...

"Anna was an adept musician, equally proficient in the woodwind section as well as the strings."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kim, it is wrong. Bloodletting should not be even "a little" erotic.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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