Monday, September 14, 2015

McCain & Graham- 'nuff said

Two Republican Senators (Graham And McCain) Call for America to Take More Syrian Refugees
The good news is that Dr Kelli Ward is Polling 9 Points Ahead of AZ Senator John McCain


bocopro said...

We need a major policy decision concerning immigration based on what the people of this nation want instead of what some politician or political party believes is in ITS interests.

I say let's accept ME refugees based on the average taken in by China, Japan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. War refugees only, not economic. No unaccompanied males -- families only, and each must sign a declaration to learn English within a year with a statement of intent to return to their homeland when hostilities end.

For all others, I recommend we adopt the policies and standards in use by Mexico.

Anyone once deported for entering the US illegally who then returns without proper authority is considered a spy and to be summarily executed upon apprehension by authorities.

pdwalker said...


too complicated.

just apply the mexican rules to every refugee and illegal immigrant.

much simpler.

Anonymous said...

Hostilities will never end in those hsit-holes, bocopro.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Refugees. OK. Say We send 10 Million Illegals from Mexico to Africa/Middle East to replace their lost population first. Egypt sounds very keen for that.

Then we can talk about it. Reopen Ellis Island and let Syrians get vetted there first. Say 50 or so.

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