Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Government Cracks

When Democrats are in charge                                               

Naturally, the government has to ruin everything, including Little Free Libraries.

You may have seen one of these little bird house turned mini-libraries in your neighborhood. They’re a lovely idea. Simple, no fuss, and quite fun. Donate a book, borrow a book. Nothing to sign, no due date, no late fees, just common courtesy.

Conor Freidersdorf of The Atlantic explored the ridiculous trend of “shutting down” unregulated community book sharing.

In Kansas, residents were told to remove the library at peril of fine:

The Leawood City Council said it had received a couple of complaints about Spencer Collins’ Little Free Library. They dubbed it an “illegal detached structure” and told the Collins’ they would face a fine if they did not remove the Little Free Library from their yard by June 19.

Evidently, Los Angeles and Shreveport, Louisiana are hotbeds of illicit literary lending activity. YAWN

Like, we're in the shower line at Auschwitz when someone mentions he heard the SS cadre are adding 100 new guards.  Like that. At some point you're just numbed out.


Juice said...

If it were less about controlling freedom of thought and expression, they could simply put a tax on your little bird house. Isn't that how the gubmint squashes everything? Taxes and regulations, prolly have the same effect - no more book sharing.

Stu Tarlowe said...

It's not for nothing that you mentioned Leawood, KS and the shower line at Auschwitz in the same item: Leawood was once "restricted", meaning "Judenfrei".

Anonymous said...

I believe the part of the story .... "received a couple complaints" .... identifies the source of the problem. (the little whiny complainers out there who enable the only-too-happy-too-oblige govt!

Anonymous said...

From book burning to book BANNING in three generations. Wow. And you don't even have to achieve 451 degrees F. Probably cause of the global warming, ya know...

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