Sunday, October 25, 2015

Actual Twit


Leonard Jones said...

Obviously a low information voter and a liberal Democrat!

Pawpaw said...

Uhhh, no, a vasectomy has nothing to do with your wife getting pregnant.

What's rough is when you have a vasectomy and find out that your wife is still on the pill.

That being said, it's still the best money I ever spent.

pdwalker said...

I strongly suspect the original tweet was written sarcastically.

Anonymous said...

A redneck went to the hospital, as his wife was having a baby. Upon arriving, he sat down as the nurse said to him, “Congratulations, your wife has had twins, two big baby boys."

The redneck said, "Well, I'm not surprised. I have a dick on me like a f*cking chimney."

The nurse replied, "You might want to consider getting it cleaned. They’re both black.


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