Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bouncing Kate

Until Tomorrow Then

Tommy Lee Smith


Skoonj said...

I can't think of a better way to spend 10 hours.

Anonymous said...

We're gonna need a bigger bottle of lotion.

Ralph Gizzip said...

Justin Verlander, you magnificent bastard!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she supposed to be too fat to be a supermodel, or something? Prob'ly I read too much.

Anyway, pretty hypnotic.

Also, note the high heels, and the look of intense concentration on her face as she struggles not to lose her balance and fall.

Anyway, hope she is getting paid well,and keeps some 0f what she makes.

Anonymous said...

What Anon 12:10 sad, and
she is also walking like somebody is goosing her with a broom handle as she goes. Or maybe there's one up her butt.
I never understood fashion runway walks.
At least she is smiling and has some meat on her bones, unlike the pissed off Auschwitz look most models have.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

DougM said...

Had to quit early.
Think I pulled an eye muscle.

Anonymous said...

I know. That split-screen is a bitch.


poletax said...

Wow,,,talk about 'binge watching'.

Anonymous said...

How do you make 10 pounds of fat appealing?

Put a nipple on it.


James Hooker - Nipple Whisperer said...

I could only take 7 hours of this horseshit.

toadold said...

Hmmm, how about a Kate Upton doll instead of a Barbie.

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