Monday, October 12, 2015



O.K.  At a political fundraiser in L.A. last nite, Soetoro said this:

“I will tell you at this moment in history, the choices are stark. And facts, evidence and values are on our side. And the other side has gone off the deep end. And what you’re witnessing in the House fight right now is that even deeply conservative folks are not considered ideologically pure enough and we would rather burn the House down than admit the possibility of democratic process that requires compromise.”

Amazingly, after accusing the GOP of going "off the deep end," he also said this:  “There’s almost no measure by which we’re not better off now than when I came into office.”

I am friggin speechless.  I mean, I know it's a fundraiser, which means he's going to spread the bullshit wide, deep, and frequent, but that statement is the pinnacle of crock.  It makes hyperbole look like humility and balderdash look like scripture.

Ron Metzger

Mo Sup jtold me she heard Obama say he was one of our (the?) greatest presidents.  There is some serious psychosis going on with this guy.  But, we knew that.


DougM said...

"Compromise" means stealing only half of the other guy's stuff … every year.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:
Damn Rog! Ya' coulda' re-used your "Jane you ignorant slut" lead-in for this one too.

Esteve said...

"There's almost no measure by which we're not better off now than when I came into office."
How do you compromise with insanity?

Jess said...

As time goes on, I've noticed more people willing to substitute "lying, psychopathic, reprobate" for "liberal". That's a good thing.

Now, I wait for the balance to tip, and we start locking the bastards away.

Anonymous said...

Why do many think what is going on in the House is unusual? It appears to me to be a normal shift and realignment of the party. Something you would expect of free people working out their differences. If you think that is distasteful or wrong you are a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

I believe Luigi just nailed our Commander-n-Thief perfectly.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Of all the things that bug us about BHO, the fact that he's such an insufferable (and increasingly) smug prick is moving toward the top of the list.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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