Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time Mag Celebrates Che for ....


Yesterday was the anniversary of Che Guevara’s execution in Bolivia for trying to start a revolution, but did you know he had asthma? Time Magazine’s article yesterday, How Che Guevara Didn’t Let Asthma Affect His Ambitions, seems to extol his many successes on his “rugged revolutionary road to Cuba”, focusing on how asthma slowed him down. [More]

Gob-smacked here boss. Insta Pundit's take"I assume someone there is also hard at work on a piece celebrating how Hitler dramatically overcame bullying and microaggressions by snooty art teachers as a young man, and how Stalin overcame numerous health issues on the way to implementing his own “ambitions.”


Anonymous said...

I met a girl at college. Thought she was pretty funny, she'd make jokes about how incredible North Korea's Dear Leader was. She would talk about the proletariat, the bourgeois. She had the best commie caricature I have ever seen in my life.

One day we were talking about people on campus being butthurt about the confederate flag. They said if we ban the nazi flag, we should ban the confederate flag. I told her, no matter what you think about the confederate can't rise in anyone's imagination to the level of the nazi's. I said that I actually don't think any flags should be banned, I don't take offense to anything, really.

And then she snapped. This funny girl wasn't doing a bit. She was an absolutely, rabid, insane communist. All the jokes about Dear Leader weren't jokes. All of the proletariat gibberish was dead serious. I thought she was a smartass like me. In fact she was just insane.

The bit about Che in this article, the way liberals write about him and ignore his atrocities, reminds me of how she spoke. How even now it still seems like a joke that they are incredibly committed to seeing through.

I argued that Lenin was a mass murderer, and the Red Terror was only dwarfed by Hitler and Stalin. "No, the proletariat uprising towards the goal of the destruction of the capitalist system is not the same as capitalist oppression and genocide."

I almost started to think she was doing a bit again. Nope. Still insane. Like Rodge says, liberalism is a mental disorder.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Great post Josh

Darrell said...

I have one Che tee shirt. He has a bullet hole in his forehead. :D

bocopro said...

Son of a man my son knows picked up a Bin Laden T-shirt while deployed somewhere in the Middle East. Brought it home and his dad took it.

Uses it to wipe his ass, he says.

I asked if he ever washes it, but got no answer.

Wabano said...

There's the genius that pressured the Ethiopian Dergue to execute 23,000 school children
at 3 AM in front of their parents in Addis Ababa because they refused to wear a communist uniform...(when you organize communities, they sometimes do odd things)

JMcD said...

Wasn't one of his aliases, Choaquin Kofsufrer ?

Anonymous said...

Moconc Txorca

Viva La Stupidity!

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