Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New York Wants ...

a major award                                                 

Mommy!  Daddy said 'Liberal Assholes" again!
That's nice dear.  Eat your oatmeal,


Tim Collier said...

I demand Racial and Gender Quotas for the NBA,NFL,Black Congressional Caucus,NAACP and BLM. Must be reflective of the Percentages of the USA as a Whole then Repeal of Affirmative Action for All Hiring and College Admissions.

JimB said...

No Quotas??? That's a laugh. This year no quotas.. Next year who knows. Progressives always think they are the smartest in the room.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tim, if women can be forcibly "included" in special forces, fighter squadrons and sooner or later even the grunts, there is no reason they should not be on every NBA and NFL team, AT ALL TIMES. Lets get this done Rog. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

How about some 'differently abled' on a basketball team. Every team has to have one 'human' in a wheelchair. THAT would be fun to watch.

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