Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Controlling State Medicare Costs

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Final Exit: California Assisted Suicide Bill Becomes Law

So, How're you feeling Mr. Brown?  Anyhing I can do to help?


Anonymous said...

"Brown, a lifelong Catholic and former Jesuit seminarian, announced he signed the legislation after thoroughly considering all opinions and discussing the issue with many people, including a Catholic bishop and two of Brown's doctors."

So don't worry. If a devout Catholic like Jerry Brown can support it, you know it's good.


Anonymous said...

It seems that practicing Catholics can do just about anything that goes against Catholic teachings and centuries-old dogma without any repercussions. Prime example - Pinocchio Pelosi and her strong, almost fanatical, support of abortion regardless of how far along the mother is. Apparently today, and especially with Pope Francis, excommunication is not an option for anyone disobeying Church policy.


Anonymous said...

The Granola State can find the drugs for suicide and in 6 months the deed is done - but in July of 2014 a judge ruled capital punishment violates the 8th amendment because it took so long.

Who ain't fruits or nuts, is flakes.

Anonymous said...

So now libs are actually killing themselves at both ends of the spectrum. With any luck they will start doing something about the earth's over population some where in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "practicing Catholics" the church is vehemently opposed to abortion unless the father is a priest. If that's the case they simply hire a "fixer" to take care of the problem.



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