Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Pasty Face Tactics

Weeks after bowing to environmentalists’ demands that he create the post, Miami-Dade Mayor  Carlos Gimenez named a veteran planner to coordinate the county’s response to climate change.

(See "Piss for Climate-Change?" )


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that another sucker fell for this one. [Hint - it's not true - women are not pissing themselves and posting pics.]


But if that's the sort of thing that turns you on I'm sure you can find a couple of porn sites that specialize in that.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Miami been under threat of rising oceans for decades? And it's still there.

Chris in NC said...

No matter how many times you post it Anon, it's still just an opinion article written by a feminist who was embarrassed by her fellow idiot feminists falling for this stunt. She cherry picked some suspicious accounts and tried to push it off as the whole of the twitter-tards doing that. It's not a verifiable news article. It's opinion. So if there's a sucker here, it's you.

Anonymous said...

11:38 anonymous: You're trying really hard here, so I'll explain briefly.

The very first post by Rodger about the pissing for feminism deal very clearly mentioned that this was done by 4chan. It was pretty much posted without comment, so you're really not scoring points with pointing out that it was a hoax. Nobody cares. Our world view isn't shattered by your revelation.

The reality is that actual feminism -- as practiced by today's rabid blue-haired piercing brigade -- is far more destructive and far less funny than them pissing themselves for twitter. People's personal and professional lives are being destroyed daily by the hive-mind witch hunt taking place in the name of "equality©".


Anonymous said...

Anonymous seems to believe that coincidence = causality. Yahoo article offers no IP evidence of sock puppetry, nor anything conclusive that the responses to the hashtag are genuine or not. While it may be disingenuous for me to believe there are SJW grrlz who would wet themselves in a selfie for the hashtag attention, it is equally disingenuous of Anonymous to believe and assert that there are not. So I base my skepticism, or lack thereof, on other observations. SJW grrlz shut down free speech on campus? Check. SJW grrlz campaign for mass violence against groups with whom they disagree, but feel they are above the law themselves because, well, SJW grrlz? Check and double check. <#include amillionsjwgrrlztexting.h> So, for me, it is MORE believable that the peequality selfies are genuine responses to a hoax, than to believe they are also hoaxes. And yes, sadly, I have been well aware of 4chan for over a decade.

Jimmy don\'t play that

Anonymous said...

Women pissing is very popular on the Japanese porno sites that--my friend, yeah, my friend, ---likes to frequent.

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