Monday, November 16, 2015

Can you spot real?



Blurred Cultural Lines
What's real?  What's Parody?

Miss Know-it-all Left vs Right Wing TV Shows Modern Educayshun


Esteve said...

I think number two is a parody because, acid. Or do kids still drop acid? Number three is a modern university training film.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:

UHHH - They ALL 3 seem real based on today's air-headed educated system. For instance;

No 1: Well, I mean ---- So --- Like --- UMMMMM --- You know? --- OH! --- Oh Hell! Where was I?

As far as No. 2: Where did all those Limey accents come from on a typical PMSNBC show?

Finally, No. 3: I didn't see it. Where was the hidden camera? Since this must be a recruitment ad for an Ivy League or Bay-Area college it simply can't be a parody

Juice said...

Neil Cavuto is patient and professional. That video was an example of the lion removing a thorn from the mouse's foot.

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