Monday, November 16, 2015

Roosting Chickens

Would you believe that all three Democrat presidential candidates at the Iowa debate Satuday declined to credit the horrific Nov. 13 Paris attacks to "radical Islam" even when pressed by moderator John Dickerson? Not only that but Bernie Sanders continued to insist that climate change was a greater threat to national security than the Islamic State, writes the Washington Examiner's Byron York.


On the homefront, it appears that those near and dear to us, but don't agree with our politics, are now looking to ... to.. Bernie Sanders to save us? Father forgive them because ... . 


Anonymous said...

A young liberal college student friend of mine (and his friends) on FB dismiss as 'haters' anyone that tries to blame these attacks on the actual perps. Its almost a reflex. They only condemn people they disagree with, not the people that actually murder in the name of some moon god. It truly boggles the mind.

Wabano said...

Extreme not PC...Bosch Fawstin is an Albanian former muslim...he really, but really hate the moonies of allah:

“All too accurate, all too real, this novel takes you into the mind and heart of a dedicated warrior for freedom as he stands tall against true believers in jihad who are willing to kill for their belief, supine and willfully blind dhimmis and Useful Idiots, and other features of the contemporary landscape. Strikingly original, deeply insightful, and powerfully moving, THE INFIDEL #2 is the story of our sad and foolish age. Don't miss it.”
“Bosch Fawstin’s graphically compelling comic “The Infidel” brings urgent clarity to one of the most important issues of our time: the current resurgence of militant Islam’s centuries-long war on our western, civilized world. If you are truly tolerant and open-minded, then you will be brave enough to read this comic. Don’t submit to Islam and Creeping Sharia…instead, submit the small amount it costs to buy “The Infidel”, read it, and think about what Bosch is getting at. Use it as a springboard for your own further research about the true nature and long history of organized, political, militant Islam and its ongoing jihad against all those lower humans known as ‘infidels’. Don’t miss Bosch’s message.”

Anonymous said...

I followed the "see also" link and was struck by:

[excerpt]Romney also said “the extremes within our respective parties are having a louder and louder voice and demanding more attention” and “immediate action” as opposed to “collective action,” Breitbart reported.

“In my party, there are more and more who feel they are more insurgent than toward the center of the party,” he said. “And I think that divisiveness is one of the things that has led to Washington having such a hard time getting things done.”[/excerpt]

Hey, Mitt: Maybe, just maybe, if the GOP assholes would follow through on any of the promises they made to get elected, there wouldn't be the desire to tar and feather the lot of you. As it is, you have just been promoted on my T&F list and you can pound sand if you think your prissy, preachy rant could ever influence me to think favorably of you, let alone vote for you, again.

The "center of the party" is a gathering of all the ankle grabbers in Washington, such is the reputation of the GOP these days.
--General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Anonymous said...

Clap, clap, clap!!
Very well said Skyhawker.

Anonymous said...

What Skyhawker said!!!
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

toadold said...

Hmmmm, Capitan Dork is causing butt burn among his own. 16 governors have said they are going to refuse to take in anymore Jihadis. The latest is the female Governor of New Hampshire. The internal polling numbers must be getting pretty nasty.
Now if somebody would kick Shepard Smith of FOX NEWs in his wedding tackle while he's dribbling his pro Obama crap on air.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think there should be a national call to report the name of anyone who indicates that he/she 1) has joined ISIS; 2) Wants to join ISIS; or 3) Says anything positive about ISIS. Names go into a data base that could be very handy when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

"Names go into a data base that could be very handy when the SHTF."

Why must we wait? Folks can have "unfortunate accidents" any old time...

Phil N. LeBlanc

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