Monday, November 30, 2015

Colored Crap

Mad Men Run Amok

Christopher Bowels :D


Anonymous said...

One of the venture capitalists on Shark Tank bought into that company a couple months ago.
It's interesting that the lower butt/higher feet position and the resulting squat concept flies right in the face of the current trend to higher toilets and ADA "accessibility" requirements.
I recently refurbished my bathrooms, and the plumbing houses tried like the dickens to get me to buy new "swirl" low flow toilets.
I kept my 50 year old ones and put new guts and new seats on them. They work, every time, no skid marks, and they're more comfortable than those damned high things that leave you on tiptoes.
That 1.4/1.6 gallon law is another example of government "one size fits all" bilge. I can understand it if you're on a well or live in a water scarce area like parts of California, but we're on septic tanks, have well draining soil, and get our water from the big river running through the city.
What water we don't use runs to the ocean. If water gets like Uhbama electricity ("..necessarily skyrocket"*spit*), then the low flow toilets might make sense.
FWIW, that ad was offensive, and could make its point without the turd ice cream cones. We don't need more coarsening of the culture.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Aw, c'mon, Dick. Dontcha think the papel higienica at the end was a touch of genius?

Caballero Andante

Thomas M. said...

I heard ads for this on radio (WMAL) and wondered what on earth this could possibly be. So I looked it up on the internet.

It's a bloomin' footstool (no pun intended) for goodness sake.

Juice said...

Saw this the other day on fb and after clicking and seeing that rainbow ice cream cones were from unicorn butts, I stopped watching. Had no idea this was a sell of some kind. tacky It's right up there with the chick in the stall spraying poop stink spray. stupid

BlogDog said...

Sorry Tailgunner - with my bad hips, I need the "comfort height" commode. And the new flush designs are working hella better than the original "low flow" toilets. But they are stupid spendy.

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