Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hillary Stinks


The Truth About Hillary
A reader's guide to the salacious new book.

Today- Drudge

Hillary's Appearance and Personal Hygiene

Page 220: An anonymous doctor "who had knowledge of such matters" tells Klein that Hillary has "been Botoxed to the hilt."

Pages 24-25: Hillary's friends tell Klein that she hates the way she looks. Klein writes: "As a young woman ... Hillary had felt so hopelessly unattractive that she did not bother to shave her legs and underarms, and deliberately dressed badly so that she would not have to compete with more attractive women in a contest she could not possibly win."

Page 84: Dolly Kyle Browning on Hillary when she arrived in Arkansas to help with the 1974 Congressional race: "You should have seen her! No, you should have smelled her."


Back to the future?

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Anonymous said...

Reading this, it appears that Bill, being the coxman that he was, entered into marriage with the Hildebeast as a mutual political power arrangement ONLY, otherwise, why bother?

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