Thursday, January 15, 2015

That's Jim Boeheim "standing in" for the ACC others

We already know from the Duke Lacrosse fiasco how little integrity the DUKE muck-a-mucks possess.

Furry Oscars?

With an apology to Michelangelo

A Divided Establishment

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Here, citing  Leon Wolf's A Divided Establishment, For a Change
In every contested primary since 1980, the establishment has had the decided advantage of settling on a candidate early while numerous conservatives fought for the right to be the establishment’s principal opponent long past the time when the race was actually decided. This phenomenon reached its peak in 2012 when the conservative base plowed through a series of increasingly unserious challengers searching for an alternative to Mitt Romney. As a result, the establishment unsurprisingly tends to win Presidential primaries without too much serious heartburn – the sole exception to this dynamic being when Ronald Reagan spent the better part of four years herding the movement conservative cats into his camp to challenge the establishment favorite George H.W. Bush in 1980.

Most likely, it looks like conservatives are going to fall into the same inevitable trap. No one has really spent the time laying the groundwork to become a consensus conservative candidate which makes sense in light of the fact that the best possible conservative challengers are still sitting office holders. But at least in this case the playing field might potentially be leveled.

Jeb probably is the presumptive establishment favorite among the three, but Romney and Christie both have a significant pool of potential donors, political chits to cash, and enough ego to burn to make them unwilling to kiss Jeb’s ring early on in the contest, at least before he wins some actual primaries. They are, also, competing over basically the same pool of voters, as they have all [pisseed off Teapartiers] to the point that they will be unlikely to siphon votes from the crowd of conservative challengers. (full)

Now, the interlocking analysis from The Daily Caller; Why Conservatives should be ecstatic, which is right in my wheelhpose. 

Bush planned to raise $100 million in the first three months of the year– an ambitious mark to achieve, and a risky one to publicize. “The former Florida governor is looking to send a message to the rest of the potential field,” Bloomberg declared in the subtitle.

“Message: Received,” may as well have been Mr. Romney’s reply, as he worked to pump the brakes on the 30 or so conflicted donors he had gathered. “Loud and clear.”

Additionally, while these two “establishment” Republicans square off, a third, the moderate Mr. Christie, seems likely to join the fray.

Imagine that, conservatives? A three-way battle for the soul of the [establishment] GOP? For its money, consultants and votes?

Good news, we think.

Because at the same time the establishment wing of the GOP if flying into disarray, the right’s presidential candidates appear more serious, and more organized, than they have been in decades. ... And on the governor level of the right, it seems more than likely that Govs. Mike Pence and ***Scott Walker*** will join the fray with an advantage in executive experience, even if they’re behind in setting up their national campaigns.

The first battle of the campaign is about to begin, conservatives. Put down the sword and grab some popcorn.


A comment under Leon Wolf's article has a familiar ring:

“conservativeamerica docdave88 • 4 hours ago
I do not mean any disrespect but I'll never understand this mentality of staying home if your candidate doesn't win. Either you honestly believe that Hillary is better than Bush, Christie, or Romney.... or you think that by staying home you are proving a point to the "establishment". Either way it seems like a self-inflicted punishment. You are proving a point to nobody and accomplishing no greater or honorable cause. Help me understand this mentality... explain your reasoning.
If it wasn't such a hassle commenting on Red State,  this is how I'd reply, and have before. (video).  Interpolate.

Smithsonian Treasure

General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug reminds us about these myriad treasures.  



Defiance is a 2008 World War II era film written, produced, and directed by Edward Zwick, and set during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany. The film is an account of the Bielski partisans, a group led by Polish Jewish brothers who saved and recruited Jews in Belarus during the Second World War. The film stars Daniel Craig as Tuvia Bielski, Liev Schreiber as Zus Bielski, Jamie Bell as Asael Bielski, and George MacKay as Aron Bielski. The film is an adaptation of Nechama Tec's book Defiance: The Bielski Partisans (1993).
If you liked Red Dawn (original), you'll likely love Defiance (trailer).  Great acting, and factually based.  I give it an easy .

As an aside, I coudn't help wondering, as I'm sure many of you have before, and given the abject starvation these refuges experienced, what is the actual nutritional value of seminal fluid?  As it turns out (the scant 3/4 tsp aside), it's great for wrinkles, but prolly not life sustaining. Of course (most) men would rather starve. 

Secret Service Secret

News they'd expect ...


Four top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

What your grandparents expected would follow

The Secret Service is forcing out four of its most senior officials while two others are retiring — the biggest management shake-up at the troubled agency since its director resigned in October after a string of security lapses.

The departures will gut much of the Secret Service’s upper management, which has been criticized in recent months by lawmakers and administration officials who say it has fostered a culture of distrust between agency leaders and its rank-and-file and made poor decisions that helped erode the quality of this once elite agency.

A spokesman for the venerable service said under a condition of anonymity that institutional hatred for a man they know is not even a United States citizen has made it very difficult for anyone to commit to "taking one for the president."  She added, "I mean, these Obama people are the same that grampa gave his life fighting against in WWII!"