Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Butt, what?

Because she's just so real

Pelosi? Moral Rot?

SF Archbishop stuns diocese by revealing he’s Catholic!

After decades of moral rot, the Archdiocese of San Francisco is being reminded that it is religious organization. I hope Archbishop Cordileone has the guts to make his decision stick.

Gnat Warfare

Gnat Warfare

This might be why no other country would want to attack this country of ours.   Everybody is armed, and we know how to use our weapons.  - Metzger

Since we as a nation have accepted (even welcomed) government cameras and sensors that watch everything we do,  I suppose allowing government to use drones is inevitable.  If  however I was the Governor of, say, Maryland, I'd make shooting down drones in your airspace a misdemeanor carrying a $5 fine.  I would not be reelected because people will have become used to the 2 hour drone delivery from Amazon and other retailers. What the hell, I could never be elected in the first place; MD is firmly a nanny state.  Click-Click


It's Scientific 
Gary Larsen

In addition to making us feel good, several studies indicate that kissing can actually help keep us in good health. Swapping mouth bacteria boosts our immune system, the extra saliva produced when you kiss washes out dangerous bacteria, and the raised heartbeat causes blood vessels to dilate, thus lowering blood pressure. [Full]
Note: Some women are way picky

.... and a great cook, great lover, great ....

People are always asking. "Say, Rodge ..
.... being honest and direct, with an occasional touch of bad taste
If you don't write your own epitaph, someone else will.  And it's likely to be some bastard who was jealous of your good looks, manliness and beautiful wife!

At the end of Battered Bastards of Baseball Bing Russell recited his own epitaph. I remembered that I liked it, but had to go back last night to get the thing right.

I would like that to be my epitaph as well.  Hey, "occasional" is nebulous enough for government work, right?