Friday, March 27, 2015


Today's Health Adventure

I am certifiable

I may have told this story before, but it had to be way before, so I'll repeat. 

Several years ago a friend sold his hardware store in Beckley, WV;  went to Chiropractor school and opened a practice in Florida.  In an e-mail he told me that he was going gangbusters, and able to "cure" better than 50% of his patient's ills with applications of  DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide).  Stuff was widely used to treat race horses.  I bought some for MoSup. 

She suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis and it was really beginning to affect her life.  This stuff worked PDQ on her feet, from whence her primary complaint.  She also found that by eliminating all red meat from her diet, along with the DMSO, she was a springy chicken again. 
That was 30 years ago.  I use it myself from time to time for sprains, etc. 

Fast forward.  I have torn meniscus cartilage in my left knee.  Did it around the first of the year.  I didn't know what it was, but it was bad enough that I had to give up doing my 10,000 steps (for Fitbit). Two weeks ago while I was putting some on MoSup's aching neck I thought, "Hey!" Applied some on my knee and there was an almost immediate and noticeable relief, but it stung like hell and caused a very itchy rash.  I bought some DMSO Gel With Aloe ($6.26 from Walmart) and tried that. It still caused some rash, so I applied some emu oil cream (also wondrous stuff) first, and voila.  Yesterday I did  9200 steps. 

FWIW.   And yes, I am aware of the controversy about using DMSO.
You're welcome.

'Lost' e-mail

Goes around ....

My file search for the Mail Man photo I use below also yielded this Drudge screen cap, "Bush aides may have illegally lost email, Dems say (6-19-2006). " 

Interesting, wot wot?


      I GET MAIL

"Look, people . . . you can't vote against me just because I'm not pretty any more, or because I've never accomplished anything positive in my entire life (including my marriage and my only child), or because I make stupid decisions under pressure, or because I talk like a career second-class VietNam era WestPac Bosun's Mate on liberty in Olongapo.

I'm telling you it's MY FUCKING TURN, you assholes, so fucking knock off the horseshit and fucking elect me, goddamit, you stupid motherfuckers, or you'll fucking regret it."

HRC (Denny Wilson)

Y'all ain't gonna b'lieve this . . . until you think about it foraminnit, and then it'll lock into place as SOP taught in Lib Logic 101:

Cuzzin Ricky
Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for common words.

The winners are:
  • 1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
  • 2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
  • 3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
  • 4. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.
  • 5. Willy-nilly (adj.), impotent.
  • 6. Negligent (adj.), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly
  • answer the door in your nightgown.
  • 7. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp.
  • 8. Gargoyle (n.), olive-flavored mouthwash.
  • 9. Flatulence (n.) emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run
  • over by a steamroller.
  • 10 Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline.
  • 11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on an exam.
  • 12. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.
  • 13. Pokemon (n), a Rastafarian proctologist.
  • 14. Oyster (n.), a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
  • 15. Frisbeetarianism (n.), The belief that, when you die, your soul flies up
  • onto the roof and gets stuck there.
  • 16. Circumvent (n.), an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish
  • men
There's more, but my attention span is only that long.  More later.  Thank you everyone.