Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fasta Pasta Review

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Fasta Pasta

Last week I watched an America's Food Kitchen review of microwave pasta cookers.  The winner (and least expensive)  was the Fasta Pasta. Adam Ried (the show's equipment tester) commented, " ... it really works ... 12 minute pasta that's perfect."  So ordered one from Amazon for around $15.  Just used it.  Thumbs up baby.  We eat a lot of pasta and it takes 20 minutes just to get water to boil on the stove, so clap clap.  You're welcome.

 PS- this video I found was posted in 2008, so it's not a new product. 

Healing Hillary


The Klingon Candidate


This Could Kick-Start WW3

Don't be fooled... WW3 won't be fought between nations like the first two. And definitely not between the USA and Russia. They know the stakes and they're not stupid enough to risk everything.

No matter how crazy Putin may try to act just to scare the West... he has so much to lose. He's the most powerful man in Russia and he doesn't want to lose that. He'll never go as far as self-destruction.

ISIS already set foot on American soil. The 3 jihadist arrested in Brooklyn for planning a bombing are part of a larger plot... According to the FBI there are ISIS members in every state of the Union... just waiting for a sign.

But the part that the feds leave out is these fanatics plan something far worse and much more dangerous than 9/11...

ISIS plots to put the entire American nation on our knees... using a revolutionary weapon that could cripple the whole country.

Make no mistake, ISIS isn't a rational actor like Russia... They have nothing to lose.

After they decapitated Americans and set people on fire... they burned all the bridges. They either die, or they destroy America.

They can't do it with brute, military force. We're too powerful for that... But we're defenseless against a "smart bomb" that's 1000 times more damaging than nuclear devices.

It's a weapon that can instantly end modern life in America by knocking out our power grid. Nothing that has electronic components will ever work again. Cars won't start, TVs, phones, the Internet will all be dead.

They're going to send us back to the middle ages... You'll have to make a fire to cook and use candles for light.

In fact... just seconds after this calamity hits, all social structures will be reversed... and the information I'm about to disclose will put you at the top of the "food chain".

For the purpose of generating an honest discussion of how to handle unaddressed threats by our government, without fear of having one's door smashed in, mid night, by a Post Office Swat Team, let's move into the future.  A rogue alien has somehow become president and has extra constitutionally put us at great risk by siding with the enemy.


Feds 'admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are'

Can we defend ourselves?  How?  The administration have all the ray guns; government cameras monitor every citizen at home and at work.  Our Constitution still allows for dissent and self defense (except against animals), but the government have ruled that  motions and complaints against it are treasonous.  What to do?  Because we ought to do it.