Monday, May 11, 2015

Where the hell is Accident, MD? And why don't I live there?

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I identify with the Democrats more so than the Republicans

Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women.

I attend religious services regularly.

Climate change is an immediate concern that must be addressed.

There should be more restrictions on purchasing and carrying guns.

The government should reduce the deficit primarily by raising taxes rather than cutting services.

I prefer urban areas.

Your ideology is most aligned with that of the residents of:

First thing noticed is the programmers categorically recognize that Progressives are not religious.  No surprise, but the first time I've seen it codified, so to speak.  And no, it does not mean that you're doomed to being a Democrat because you don't attend religious services, only that you share that trait with communists.

I polled these 7 states for fun
Dominated by Americans Dominated by Communists
Accident, MD 21520

Tangier, VA 23440
Doss, TX 78618
Bryceville, FL 32009
Hume, CA 93628
Bakersville, NC 28705
Allensville, PA 17002
Houghton, NY 14744
Baltimore, MD 21217
Norfolk, VA 23504
Falcon Heights, TX 78545
Gretna, FL 32332
Richgrove, CA 93261
Parmele, NC 27861
Isabella, PA 15447
New York, NY 10029

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The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

"Pamela Geller’s abuse of free speech"
WaPost and other cowards

Game show contestant Daniel Hoffman (Bobby Moynihan) and his celebrity teammate, Reginald VelJohnson (Kenan Thompson), must draw the prophet Muhammad if they want to win $1 million. SNL

What I Would do

“There is a pro-Labor and anti-Conservative bias in polls.”

Two examples of “herding” in the 2014 election appeared in the Kansas and Virginia Senate races. Pollsters there didn’t release their numbers because they deviated too much from what others showed. In that way, Virginia voters were badly served because no late published poll caught Republican Ed Gillespie’s last-minute surge that almost defeated Democratic incumbent Mark Warner.
This is playing with dynamite. Pollsters in Britain have long realized the potential polling problem created by the “shy Tory” vote — referring to those voters who don’t want to admit to pollsters that they are going against the grain of media coverage and might cast a politically incorrect vote. But this is the third time in 50 years that the shy Tories have swung an election (it also happened in 1970 and 1992). Apparently, polling companies haven’t been able to solve the problem. Chris Hanretty, the academic who advised the BBC on polling, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that he feels “a little bit foolish,” in the wake of the election. “We categorically ruled out a [Conservative] majority. . . . We should have expected far more ‘shy Tories.’”

Pollster Stephen Fisher also told the Guardian that the problem is more complex than that. Noting that polling companies have consistently exaggerated the Labor vote since the 1970s, he concluded: “Polling companies have done a lot of work to try to counteract this, but it keeps happening. There is a pro-Labor and anti-Conservative bias in polls.”

As in, like everywhere, polls are morphedor maybe always have beeninto a device to manipulate votes to benefit the media' predilections.  Which are nearly always "progressive" .  I'd outlaw publishing any poll result  during the 30 days prior to election.  Contact me if you'd like a copy of my best selling book "Why I Should be Supreme Ruler," if it's ever published.